Need to become an ARC member or simply forgot your username or password?

Category What to do...

I have an existing Learning Center logon and password:

Because Aftermarket Resource Center (ARC) replaces the Learning Center, your old Learning Center logon information will no longer work in ARC ( Please see the following instructions to gain access to ARC.

I have a SalesCenter (or other "center") Username:

Go to and log in with your known username and password.

I work at a DTNA-authorized dealership, distributor, or fleet.

Contact your location's Program Administrator (also includes Parts Managers) for your Username and password. If you do not know who that person is ask your Service/Direct Manager or call us at 503-745-7725.

I am the current Program Administrator (or Parts Manager) at my location

Please send an email to for Username and password.

All others

Please send an email to